Build Your Base Tan Before Summer!

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If you’re planning on getting any sun this year at the beach or pool, you’ll want to build a base tan to help prep your skin for the summer months.

It may have been awhile since you last visited us. If so, be sure to update any of your contact info so you can get back into the E-Club! Why? I’ll send you exclusive updates for our promotions that will help get you a bit more bang for your buck!

After you update your info, be sure to discuss what your tanning goals are with your expert Tanning Consultant. That way, they can determine when you need to have your base tan ready for action!  Also, tell them a bit about your lifestyle and budget so they can make some recommendations to match your tanning goals.

We will always recommend your exposure time to build gradually. For instance, our Fast level sunbed is typically 20 minutes. With this bed, we would recommend a very short tanning time. Shorter tanning times will help prevent burns and help us be sure your skin’s melanin develops properly. Another important reminder about tanning with us is you can only tan once every 24 hours.

Some tanning tips and tricks to follow throughout your tanning journey are to always exfoliate before your tanning session and always use one of our tan extenders after every sunbed visit. If you use a Sunless tanning booth, there are other guidelines to follow. Be sure to ask your Tanning Consultant for more details if you are interested in Sunless options.

Last but not least, always wear your eyewear. The FDA requires eye protection to be worn while utilizing any sunbed. We do sell temporary (one-time use) sticker eyewear or you can purchase goggles, which can be used multiple times.

If you have any additional questions about tanning at Sun Tan City, please be sure to send it to us by posting on our Facebook page or by tweeting us.

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