Bronzer, Blush and Tingle Tanning Lotions, Oh My!

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We offer a wide variety of tanning lotions at Sun Tan City. Sometimes, even the most experienced tanners can be confused or baffled by all the product titles, ingredients and blends. To help you distinguish between our bronzer, blush and tingle lotions, I have listed some key facts about each formula to help you along your tanning journey.

Bronzer lotion is a very popular selection for our clients who want a deep, dark tan. The bronzer makes the skin almost instantly appear darker, which adds to the existing tan many of them already have. There are several bronzer formulations we offer at various pricing that cater to almost any budget. One important tip about using bronzers is to be careful during the application process before your visit. Bronzers are typically easy but we do sell a few that can streak your skin if you do not apply them properly. Applying in small, circular motions on your skin is what I recommend.

Blush tanning lotions are popular for clients who desire an instant flush without the warming tingle that you’d feel with a tingle lotion. Blush lotions give your skin a tone and glow that develops quickly and tends to last until you take a shower. Then the blush effect washes off while your skin is still glowing from the tan you developed during your visit.

Tingle tanning lotions are classified as tingle because of the tingling sensation your skin gets after you apply the lotion for your tanning visit. It is more intense than any other tanning lotion we carry in our salons. The lotion brings the blood to the skin surface and oxygen begins to affect the skin’s melanin. Since it is tingling your skin, the more area that it tingles, the darker you will become. This is not recommended if you have sensitive skin.

With all of our tanning products, we highly recommend that you speak with one of our expert Tanning Consultants about which product would be best for your skin type, budget and lifestyle. They will be able to assist you with the products that are available in the salon to find you the perfect match.

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