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Bring a Friend Event Begins Tomorrow!

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I believe everything’s better with a friend, and this week, Club Sun members at all Sun Tan City salons get to Bring a Friend to tan in their membership level for FREE! Our Bring a Friend event starts today and ends Sunday, Feb. 23!

Wondering how this wonderful promotion works? It’s simple! Each day between now and Feb. 23, active Club Sun members can bring a friend in with them to tan in the same level of membership: Fast, Faster, Fastest, Instant or Sunless. Your friend can also purchase upgrades at member upgrade pricing; see your salon for details.

If your account is frozen, you will have to unfreeze your account to take part in this event.

If you’re not a Club Sun member and you want to tan for one low monthly rate to enjoy our exclusive member discounts — like our Bring a Friend promotion — check out the discounts available to you if you join now:

-Club Sun product discounts on the day of purchase:

  • Fast-Fastest/Sunless members: 20% off products
  • Instant members: 25% off products

-Gift with purchase:

  • Fast-Fastest/Sunless members: $30 FREE upgrades and one FREE Sunless inclusive visit
  • Instant members :$30 FREE Versa upgrades

Check out our Tour of the City for a review of our Fast, Faster, Fastest, Instant and Sunless levels!

I hope you enjoy your week with your besties at Sun Tan City!



PS – Be Bright. Please Tan Responsibly.

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