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Birthday Bash Fast Level Membership

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Want to become a member but need to stay budget-savvy? Our Fast sunbed is our introductory level, and it has the best pricing available. And during my Birthday Bash – going on right now!! – you can buy a year of tanning in this level for only $120! You pay in full upfront and get 12 months of tanning for the equivalent of $10 a month. Pretty fabulous, right? You’ll also get a 15% discount on products throughout the life of your membership.

The Fast sunbeds have a maximum 20-minute session and are great for building and maintaining your base tan. It gets even better when you pair this sunbed with some of our amazing tanning lotions.

As I mentioned earlier this month, the wonderful thing about the Fast level is that you’re tanning at an affordable rate yet you can buy member upgrades at a discounted rate for when you want to try any and all of the levels at Sun Tan City in a very cost-friendly way.

If you tan at a salon that does not have Fast level sunbeds, you can purchase our Birthday Bash Faster Annual Radiance membership for $220. The Faster level is another great one for building your base tan. Faster Annual Radiance members can also buy upgrades to try the different levels available at Sun Tan City. And don’t forget that you’ll also get a 15% discount on products throughout the life of your membership!

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Happy Tanning!


PS – Be Bright. Please Tan Responsibly.

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