Birthday Bash

Birthday Bash Begins at Sun Tan City!

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Get ready for the best party of the year … It’s my Birthday Bash and it begins tomorrow at ALL Sun Tan City salons! Formerly known as the Founder’s Membership, Birthday Bash offers a very exclusive price on the Instant and Fast Level Annual Radiance Memberships. Not only do these memberships come with at an extremely discounted rate, but clients will also enjoy a generous product discount at the time of purchase and a discount on ALL products that are purchased during the life of their membership; talk about a gift that keeps giving!

The Birthday Bash Instant Annual Radiance membership is $499. This membership will allow you to tan in any of our sunbed levels and includes Sunless Tanning options*. This is the best option for any membership at Sun Tan City! With this level you will also get a 20% product discount throughout the life of your membership.

The Birthday Bash Sunless Annual Radiance membership is also $499. The Sunless Annual Radiance membership is also a great way for you to save a bit of money while getting a super fab sunless glow! Being a member, you purchase upgrades if you wish to upgrade within your sunless options. And if you’re a Double-Dipper like me, you can tan in your favorite sunbed at a discounted rate with sunbed upgrades. The ongoing product discount for the sunless membership is also 20%.

The Birthday Bash Fast Annual Radiance membership is $120. This is a great introductory level for Sun Tan City. And it is great for experienced STC clients that are looking for an affordable membership. The beauty with this level is that you will be able to tan at an affordable rate and you can purchase member upgrades at a discounted rate. Upgrades allow you to try all of the levels at Sun Tan City and this is a very cost friendly way. This level will receive a 15% discount on all product discounts throughout the life of your membership.

If you tan at a salon that does not have Fast level sunbeds, you can purchase our Birthday Bash Faster Annual Radiance membership for $220. Faster is another great level to build your base tan with. Faster Annual Radiance members can also purchase upgrades which will allow them try the different levels available at Sun Tan City. And don’t forget that this level also gets a 15% discount on products throughout the life of your membership.

All clients are able to purchase this promotion! What I mean by all is that you can be a current Club Sun member and decide to purchase an Instant, Sunless or Fast Annual Radiance Birthday Bash membership. Frozen Club Sun members can unfreeze their membership to purchase at these prices. New Clients can purchase any level they would like. All of the Annual Radiance memberships provide a great opportunity for you to get a golden glow, and depending upon your budget, the Fast level gives you the chance to try Sun Tan City without having to spend a lot. Non-members and new clients, these are all a tantastic way for you to purchase your favorite level and save!

*Please note that the product discount cannot be combined with any other discount on products. Restrictions may apply. See salon for details.

Need a recap of all the levels available at Sun Tan City? Take a quick Tour of Sun Tan City with my bestie, Jason!

Be sure to send me a private message on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram if you have any further questions!

Happy Birthday to Me!


PS – Be Bright. Please Tan Responsibly.


  1. Amanda

    How long is this promo running?

  2. lillian

    I just love love love my suntancity girls-everyone is always super nice to me. that makes me look forward to tanning there…the beds are wonderful, and they keep you cool, so yr not having to lay in your own sweat…I think those girls should be paid well,they are good at cross-selling all of yr products

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