Base Tans for Spring Break!

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Are YOU ready for spring break? I sure am. I’ve made my plans and now all I need is to build up a solid base tan for a week of fun in the sun. Luckily, Sun Tan City makes it fast, easy and fun to build up a strong base tan.

If you’ve never tanned at a UV salon before, talk to a tanning consultant at your closest Sun Tan City salon. He or she can determine how quickly you will be able to build up a base tan by evaluating your skin tone and type. Everyone’s different—the best place to start tanning is in a controlled atmosphere like Sun Tan City, with experienced tanning experts guiding you.

Keep in mind that sun tanning doesn’t stop once you’re out of the tanning bed—it can actually continue for up to 24 hours, so don’t tan too much! It will take you a couple of visits to build a base tan using any of our beds, more visits depending on the strength of the bed. Stay moisturized, inside and out, and absolutely ask questions if you need to!

So plan ahead, tan ahead, and enjoy your beautiful bronze color while you’re on the beach during spring break!

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