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How does that old phrase go, April showers, bring May flowers? Whatever the month of April may bring in the forecast, Spring has finally sprung! I don’t know about you but this change in the weather has given me the urge to purge everything in my closet and start fresh. Now I am no expert in what the current trends are for this Spring’s fashion, I will leave that to our Style Squad, but I can tell you what trendy new items we have in store for you this April.

This spring it is out with the old and in with the new at Sun Tan City. While a lot of the classics are sticking around, our awesome product specialists have handpicked some of the best new trendy lotions for 2014. While I won’t pick favorites, there is a lot to love about these new lotions. Check out a few of them out below and see which one you will be trying out to compliment your new spring wardrobe:

• Designer Skin: Elusive
o Combination of the three tanning processes: Immediate Bronzing, Melanin Activated Bronzing and Delayed for maximum color enrichment.
o Time Release Dewy Ozonic Fragrance.

• Designer Skin: Adore
o Limitless Tanning Complex which helps activate the tanning process and eliminate restrictions on dark color potential.
o Sweet Vanilla Musk Fragrance.

• Designer Skin: Pumped!
o Amplified Dark Tanning Intensifier features Angelica Root, that is activated by UVA light, to help develop deep, dark color while soothes and calms the skin.
o Electric Citrus & Orchid Fragrance.

• Designer Skin: Escapade
o Dual Cooling Essences that counteract the heat of the bed to cool the skin. Exhilarating Advanced blend of bronzers to adorn your skin.
o Bermuda Breeze fragrance leaving you daydreaming of those long summer days.

• Designer Skin: No Apologies
o Antioxidant rich wet or dry skin shaving product made to protect and prolong both sunless and UV results.
o Caffeine packed to help promote flawless skin with shave minimizers to reduce hair growth.
o Papaya Passion Fragrance.

• Designer Skin: 360 Sunless Mist
o Flawless sunless tan mist giving you total control over the level of darkness for buildable color that is perfect for your skin tone.
o Coconut Blossom Fragrance perfect for color on the go.

Sounds pretty tempting right? Now for the best part about this April, Designer Skin Lotions $59 or more are 20% off this month and you receive a FREE bottle of No Apologies. Not to mention client favorite Juicy Tan Extender is only $14.99 this month helping to prolong that gorgeous glow.

Which will be your new favorite this April? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram your pick!

Happy Tanning!


PS – Be Bright. Please Tan Responsibly.


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