Active Club Sun Member Specials

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As summer is approaching, I wanted to remind you active Club Sun members of all the upgrade deals this month for active Club Sun Members. Upgrading to various a different sunbeds can help you build and maintain a glowing tan before pool and beach season gets here.

Fast, Faster, Fastest and Instant members may purchase one of the following upgrade packages right now. :

  • When you purchase $50 in upgrades, you’ll —get $25 FREE! Or,
  • When you purchase $100 in upgrades, you’ll— get $100 FREE!
  • If you’re interested in Sunless upgrades, you can Purchase $50 in upgrades and —get $25 FREE!

Sunless members:

  • Sunless members may also purchase $50 in Sunless upgrades— this month and get $50 FREE!

As you know, another one of the many benefits to getting upgrades (and even downgrades) is the ability to experience all we have to offer at affordable prices!

Drop by your favorite Sun Tan City tanning salon today, and ask one of our expert Tanning Consultants about purchasing upgrades to for your membership!

Happy tanning!

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