Some tanning salons boast cutting-edge equipment. Others talk about knowledgeable staff. And some focus entirely on price. But our secret to success? We know you deserve all of these and more!

Our Mission Is Simple: To Get You, the Client, the Results You Want

Step 1: Superior Equipment

At Sun Tan City, we only invest in sunbeds with proven tanning power. For each sunbed, we carefully select lamps designed to deliver deep, dark tans. Sure, it costs us a little more, but if it helps us deliver on our mission to provide the best results, it’s worth every penny.

Step 2: The Best Skin Care Products

We research the best skin care products on the market and offer them in conjunction with our modern tanning equipment.

Step 3: Well-Trained Tanning Consultants

We give our employees the best training so they can help you choose the combination of lotions and equipment that will be most effective for your individual skin type and tanning goals.

3 Steps to Superior Results

Superior Equipment
Best Skin Care Products
Well-Trained Tanning Consultants

We take our results-driven creed to heart with each and every client who walks through our salon doors. Come visit the Sun Tan City salon nearest you and we’ll be happy to help you get the rich, golden glow you’ve always wanted.


Sun Tan City operates every facet of our company with a firm set of values and principles. We call them the “Four Monuments,” and they are at the core of the Sun Tan City philosophy.

Monument to Excellence

At Sun Tan City, the monument to excellence can be seen in all areas of operation, from the salon level to the corporate level. Sun Tan City is committed to excellence in every aspect of the tanning industry, including client services, cleanliness, equipment and efficiency. Our standards are always upheld in every tanning salon, every district and every region of the company. Uniformity across the board helps Sun Tan City remain dedicated and committed to excellence.

Monument to Growth

The Sun Tan City monument to growth isn’t just about opening more salons or increasing company profits. It’s about looking at our company from an outsider’s perspective, pinpointing how we can improve, and constantly learning and growing based on what we discover. We find that it is this organic, internal growth that makes it possible for us to grow commercially as well.

Monument to Professional Development

We are proud to promote from within Sun Tan City. That’s because we know that each of our employees is personally dedicated to our third monument: professional development. Sun Tan City has created multiple special training programs to further develop our staff’s skills and knowledge above and beyond the already intensive new employee training. Our employees are the beating heart of our company, and it is one of our most sincere values to help them achieve professional success in every way we can.

Monument to Honesty and Integrity

With everything we do, honesty and integrity are always at the forefront of the Sun Tan City philosophy. This means honorable business practices, equal opportunity employment, and extended courtesy at all times when addressing our clients and each other.

Sun Tan City’s “Four Monuments” are promises we make not only to ourselves, but to every person who walks into one of our tanning salons.

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