A Job That’s More Than a ‘Stepping Stone’

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I began my employment with Sun Tan City in January 2009. When I applied, I was just looking for some extra cash and a fun environment to work in. I never dreamed that within a short five years, I would be a District Manager. Still to this day, I believe the only reason I got the Tanning Consultant job was because I was the only one to show up during a snowstorm for interviews. My interview was not pretty. Luckily for me, Sun Tan City took a chance. I quickly realized that this position was not what I initially expected, but so much more. I was being challenged each day to create goals and exceed those!

What I loved about the position at first was that it was fun and upbeat. I was able to quickly advance with the company due to my eagerness to take on more challenges and my positive approach to all obstacles. Sun Tan City and my direct supervisor, Tabatha Lykins, saw potential in me even though at times, I was rough around the edges. They were my biggest cheerleaders! Today I still love coming in to work because I know I work for a company that appreciates hard work and acknowledges it. I work with an amazing team that I get the chance now to develop and build lasting relationships with. My team is amazing because they put in hard work every day and have a commitment for their jobs that I appreciate beyond words!

I have learned a lot about myself both professionally and personally through these past seven years and that is all thanks to this amazing company and the people who work here. While at first I thought this was just a “stepping stone” I now realize this was the best decision I could have made!

– District Manager Lauren Randall

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