99 Cent Tan Event

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If you haven’t been into our tanning salon in a few days, you’ve been missing out! The 99 Cent Event is taking place from July 5th all the way through July 31st. This is weeks and weeks of awesome deals to get your tan absolutely perfect.

During the 99 Cent Event Club Sun Members can enjoy weekend pricing all month long. And the Sun Tan City clients who do not have a membership (this also includes members who have their accounts on freeze) can tan in the Fast tanning bed for 99 cents.

This is a huge savings since normal single visits or upgrades aren’t nearly this low. Of course, if you’d like to lay in a higher level bed you can do this as well. Here is the breakdown:

Club Sun Members:
Faster .99
Fastest $5.00
Instant $7.50
Sunless Inclusive $7.50

Fast .99
Faster $6.99
Fastest $12.99
Instant $19.99
Sunless Inclusive $19.99

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