Shining Moments

We know it’s one thing to say our salons and consultants are the best, but our clients think so, too, and they tell us all the time! Their testimonials below highlight some of our best and brightest.



My salon on East Town Blvd in Madison, WI is the Best! Sharon is a great salon manager and has an awesome staff. The customer service and experience is always above and beyond my expectations. I’ve never had a bad visit or experience with Sun Tan City! I wish I could remember everyone’s name because they all deserve to be mentioned by name. They’re always smiling, happy faces, so knowledgeable and helpful. Best part of my day.

Teresa - Madison, WI



I always enjoy a good tanning visit to relax from the hustle and bustle of the real world. I randomly decided to come back and tan tonight and I’m so glad I did! Stephanie was so nice. She genuinely cared that I came in tonight and was the only one working and could multi-task everyone that came in. She treated us all the same and didn’t have anything to complain about! Can’t wait to come back and hope she’s working again!


Client called to say that Lauren was great in the salon. She stated that Lauren gave them a tour of the entire salon and she was very, very knowledgeable. She also took the time to clean the salon thoroughly while they were slow. Client stated that overall, Lauren gave them the perfect Sun Tan City experience.



Haley K. at the Wornall, Kansas City, MO salon is always so friendly and helpful. She makes my tanning experience pleasant. You have a great employee, Sun Tan City!

Customer - Kansas City, MO

Stephanie and the staff in Burlington, NC are the absolute best! They are so nice and are always so friendly. I look forward to seeing a big smile everyday when I come through the door. Sun Tan City is the best!

Customer - Burlington, NC

Just wanted to compliment Brianna at the Morristown, TN salon. I’ve never seen the store so packed as it was last week. She serviced every customer. No matter if they needed a tutorial on spray tanning or giving a customer the run down on packages. I was so impressed with Brianna’s customer service and generosity. Her great attitude is why people come back. Thank you for hiring someone like her and training her to be so awesome.

Customer - Morristown, TN

I have never considered indoor tanning until a couple of months ago. I finally got up the courage to visit a salon and sign up. At the Chester, VA salon, a very enthusiastic employee, Amanda, was very helpful and provided me with all of the information I could ever want. She was very polite to everyone coming in and out of the salon. I wanted to let the company know how great of an employee she is!

Customer - Chester, VA

I was just at your Webster, Rochester, NY salon, and I have to say the girl who took care of me was fantastic. Unfortunately, I don’t recall her name, but she was absolutely perfect! She answered questions I had, and did it with a smile. I genuinely felt like she liked her job and wanted to be there. The friendliness and willingness to help your clients will definitely keep me coming back! Just like Tabitha did the first time I went in and signed up! Thank you for keeping such great employees!

Customer - Rochester, NY

I went into the Greenfield, WI salon for the first time and had a GREAT experience. Lexie was extremely helpful and was very knowledgeable about the beds and lotions. She is a great asset to your team and I really appreciate her for helping me pick out a bed that got me tan within hours.

Customer - Greenfield, WI

Wow! The best customer service I’ve ever received. I went tanning at the Georgetown, KY salon and the lady behind the counter, Jacklyn, went out of her way to help me. It was pouring the rain and I wanted to spray tan but I was unsure. Jacklyn said if you want to spray tan, when you’re done, I will walk you to you car and hold an umbrella for you so you don’t get wet. I was astonished!

Customer - Georgetown, KY

I just stopped in the Wyoming, MI salon to check out the new Sun Tan City. Jessica went above and beyond to meet my needs. And to top it off there were great deals going on thru Monday. Thank you for your service, Jessica!

Customer - Wyoming, MI


I cannot thank my Sun Tan City locations enough for being so awesome. I go to the Charleston Rd and State Street, New Albany, IN salons and the Jeffersonville, IN salon and I ALWAYS have a pleasant experience. Your staff is non-judgmental and extremely helpful. Thank you for all that you do!

Customer - Indiana

I absolutely love the girls at the Outer Loop, Louisville, KY salon! They are always excited to see me and no matter how long it has been they remember me and what we have talked about in the past! Amber and Brittany recommend awesome products that really fit my needs. I will continue to be a loyal customer!

Customer - Louisville - KY

Shelby Stallins with Client Services did an outstanding job assisting me over the phone. Not only did she provide excellent customer service, but she did a great job explaining all the different options available for me. She answered all my questions, and I knew exactly which membership would best suit me and my budget when I went into the salon to sign up. She was very enthusiastic, I would say the perfect example of what customers expect when they call. Thanks Shelby for all your help!

Customer - Unknown

Today I went in to the STC Salon in Muncie, IN and had a fabulous experience! I hadn’t been in for awhile and had what I thought seemed like a million questions to ask about memberships, skin care products, and what beds would be the best for me personally to use! The girls that were working there took the time to explain to me what Sun Tan City was about and how they could help satisfy my needs. They showed me all of the right products to use and recommended what memberships would be best for me as well! It was an overall great experience and I am definitely shining praise onto the girls at the Muncie Salon! Thanks so much!

Customer - Muncie, IN

Received a shout out for Megan and Mariah from the Bardstown, KY salon and Hannah and Amber from Outerloop Louisville, KY salon because of their stellar presence and assistance with the marketing at the Louisville games on February 1st and 2nd! Awesome job ladies! I am a very lucky DM to have such enthusiastic and driven employees! Keep up the great work and way to represent!

District Manager - Louisville, KY

I tan at the Stevens Point, WI salon and last week when I went in, Jen the SD faced a great deal of concurrent issues. Long line, issues with computers, beds not starting, handling new customers -setting them up with tanning products etc. I just want to say that Jen handled herself with the utmost professionalism and upbeat attitude, while doing her very best to keep the lines moving forward. I’m sure others would have cracked from the pressure. She stayed upbeat, greeted customers with a smile and a pleasant voice, assured us she’d be with them shortly. I love that she remembers most repeat customers by name too. She really does a great job!

Customer - Stevens Point, WI

I just wanted to take a quick moment to sing my praises for Kyle Brewer in the Campbellsville, KY salon. Every time I come in to tan, regardless of the day I’ve had, I leave with a smile on my face because of Kyle. Not only is he professional and knowledgeable, but he is also extremely kind and positive! Kyle shows what great customer service is all about and I think he definitely needs to be recognized for doing such an extraordinary job!

Customer - Campbellsville, KY

Shout Out to Magda Pilichowska in Human Resources for being awesome! Magda has worked with me on several HR issues and is very quick to respond with an extremely pleasant demeanor. I would like to thank her for her dedication and hard work. We are very lucky to have her in our HR department. Thank you Magda, you are amazing!

Corporate Offices - Sun Tan City


I would like to give compliments where they are due. Last week I decided that I wanted to go into the Lynchburg, VA, salon after not being there for a few months and see if I wanted to reactivate my membership. I was greeted by a lady named Cindy. I can’t begin to tell you that she completely changed my point of view on Sun Tan City. She was very personable, she cared and was very nice. I ended up unfreezing my account and I also bought more lotion because she was on the phone unfreezing my account and having me smell all the lotions so that I wouldn’t feel like I was waiting forever. Cindy made my experience so pleasant that I wanted to take time to just say as a business manager myself, she completely changed my view on Sun Tan City and I’m happy to be back because of her.

Customer - Lynchburg, VA

I just started tanning at the Vincennes, IN, salon and let me tell you … I am thoroughly impressed. I am always a little apprehensive when it comes to tanning in new places, but the girls there were very knowledgeable and helpful during my tour. I had a great experience all around. Not only was the place spotless, but I am so happy with the change I’ve already noticed in my skin. I appreciate the FDA guidelines that you enforce and I appreciate their attentiveness. I went in today to tan again and I forgot about the 24-hour rule so I utilized my free spray tan. IT WAS AMAZING. The TC that showed me the positions and gave me all of the information I needed to decide on which kind of spray I needed for my skin was outstanding. She explained the use and benefits of a primer and she was very enthusiastic. I am hooked! Their attention to detail, customer service and attitudes were above the rest. Coming from a long retail career, I know how valuable great employees are, and STC, you nailed it!

Customer - Vincennes, IN

I just wanted to take a moment to compliment the staff and facilities at the Spring Hill, TN, salon. It’s consistently clean and the employees are nice and professional.

Customer - Spring Hill, TN

I spoke with Heather Polluck from Customer Service the other day and she really went above and beyond to help me find the membership that best suited my needs. I had never tanned with Sun Tan City before and I was just calling to get prices but after speaking with Heather, I will be going to my local salon to purchase a one-year membership in your highest bed. Thank you, Heather, for being so kind and willing to answer all of my questions. Because of you I will now be a loyal Sun Tan City customer.

Customer - City, ST



Client called in wanting to give a shout out to Mel who works at the Lacrosse salon, He said Mel is always cheerful and upbeat, knows her products and never pressures him to buy. She always goes above and beyond for him every time he comes in and she is by far his favorite employee.


This place is great!! Everyone who works here is so nice and helpful. The beds are clean and well taken care of and you can’t beat all the specials they have. If you want to try it out they have Free Tan Week every so often. Call and ask when the next one is. Yes, there is a membership fee, but it’s not bad at all. You just have to find the package that is right for you!


Jody is the rock that keep ours region grounded. She is the inspiration that keeps us motivated to do our best each day! Jody is always upbeat, positive, and encouraging. She has the ability to listen and really be productive with feedback. She is always available, and no question is too big or too small. Jody goes above and beyond and makes Sun Tan City such an enjoyable company to work for. She has amazing ideas and is a great teacher within Sun Tan City. Plus she’s FUN and our staff all love her! Jody thank you for all you do for us! We appreciate you!


I think we should give a big shout out to Sun Tan City in London, Kentucky! These girls are awesome! Two thumbs up to Angila and Deidra! Awesome, loving, caring people who treat you like family !


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