Tan Extenders

Tan Extenders are designed to extend the life of your tan. They each hold ingredients to replenish moisture, vitamins & nutrients that are lost in the tanning process. Tan Extenders should be used after your tanning session as well as after showering. Tan Extenders are safe to use whenever your skin needs a moisture boost! The more moisturized your skin is, the better it tans and the longer your tan will last.

While all Tan Extenders do basically the same things, some also offer added benefits! Got tattoos? We have Tan Extenders specifically formulated to help keep your tattoo looking fresh and vibrant. Feel unusually dry? There is Tan Extender with high silicone to give your skin the dose of moisture it is craving! Do you want the benefits of a Tan Extender but don’t like the feel of having lotions on your skin? We can help! No matter your need, we promise there is a Tan Extender perfect for you!

Who can use Tan Extenders and when is the prime time to apply? The answer is simple… everyone can use Tan Extenders! While Tan Extenders have all of the ingredients needed to maintain your skins life after your tanning sessions. They also have skin care ingredients that any user can benefit from! For both tanners and non-tanners Tan Extenders give outstanding skin care benefits that are beneficial for everyone. You can apply Tan Extenders at any time, there is no right or wrong time to use a Tan Extender. Use them after your tanning session, after your shower or anytime you are feeling like you need to amp up your moisture.