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Style Squad Blogger: Katalina Girl

Truth: I haven’t been in the sun all summer.

Truth: I haven’t been in a tanning bed since 2012.

False: My tan is real. 

It’s sunless and I wouldn’t have it any other way. There’s nothing better when someone compliments you on your tan and you say “Thanks, it’s a spray tan”. I’ve been getting so many questions about my sunless tan so I thought I’d share exactly what I do to achieve it.  I love the STC level 1 (I call it my light goddess glow lol) sunless tan with the added moisturizer. I also use these 3 products to make my sunless tan look even better and last longer.  

When I was UV tanning I hated always going to keep up my base tan. I never had time and it wasn’t convenient, plus I hated waiting! Now I go in about once a week to get a an instant spray tan and it’s so easy.  STC is stepping up their game and making tanning quicker and easier. I’m so excited for MySunTanCity.com. It’s an incredible, exclusive online account management tool that’s designed specifically for busy girls like you and me! This website, and it’s corresponding mobile app, will allow you to select a salon, check yourself in to a piece of equipment (UV or sunless), choose any add-ons you might want (i.e. extra legs), and hold a place in the tanning line—essentially the same way you would if you called a restaurant for call-ahead seating.

It’s awesome and so easy. Just head on over to MySunTanCity.com, create your account or download the mobile app (coming out soon) and find your location. That way you can check-in and tan when it’s convenient for YOU! I like the sound of that. I wish everything was that easy. So join STC online as they celebrate the launch of MySunTanCity.com! Before you do, contact your local Sun Tan City to ensure you have a valid email address on file.

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