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Whether you’re looking to get a traditional sun tan or a sunless tan, Sun Tan City’s the place for you! We believe in giving our clients the best in everything – great prices, educated staff, advanced equipment and high-quality products – and with plenty of options to customize your plan to achieve a gorgeous sun tan or a natural-looking sunless tan. Or you can combine them for a Double-Dip!

Sunless Spray Tans

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In just one session, you’ll achieve a gorgeous tan that can last up to 7 days.

  • Private booth
  • Achieve a tan 3-5 shades darker
  • Customizable color for a more natural, sun-kissed radiance
  • Open-air design lets you breathe easily
  • Equipment dries you automatically and minimizes tackiness
  • Color extending moisturizers for longer lasting results
Fast Sunbeds

Fast Sunbeds

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Our Fast level sunbeds are a terrific value and offer the classic tanning experience.

  • Tanning visits last up to 20 minutes
  • Helps prepare your base tan
Faster Sunbeds & Booths

Faster Sunbeds & Booths

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Choose how you want to tan, with an option to lay down or stand up.

  • Receive 2-3 times faster tanning results than the Fast level sunbeds
  • Most beds are equipped with facial tanners to give you an amazing glow
  • Whether your lay down or stand up, this sunbed provides a more even glow
  • The lay down sunbeds offer 12-15 minute sessions for a relaxing visit
  • The stand-up option includes tan times ranging from 8-12 minutes, for a quick visit

A membership at this level includes access to both Fast and Faster sunbeds.

Fastest Sunbeds

Fastest Sunbeds

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This sunbed delivers a golden bronze glow, with a touch-of-sun — so you’ll get that perfect, natural tan.

  • See 3-5 times faster tanning results than our Fast sunbeds
  • In just 4-7 sessions, you’ll already notice great results and can achieve a flawless base tan
  • Features facial tanners to help give your face a radiant glow
  • Some sunbeds even feature an air-conditioning option to keep you cool

A membership at this level includes access to not only the Fastest sunbeds, but also Fast and Faster levels.

Instant Sunbeds

Instant Sunbeds

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The Instant sunbed is our highest quality level sunbed, delivering a rich, golden tan with minimal reddening. This is also the fastest way to achieve a base tan.

  • See 5-10 times better tanning results than with our Fast level sunbeds
  • Achieve your base tan in only 2-3 visits
  • Complete your session quickly, with most visits lasting between 10-12 minutes
  • Experience minimal redness with mostly Bronzing Rays and greatly reduced levels of Reddening Rays
  • Enjoy a relaxing tanning session in a more spacious sized sunbed

A membership at this level is "all-access," so it includes not only the Instant sunbeds, but also access to every level including Sunless Spray Tans.