Kentucky Gent Tan Lines

Tan Lines

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Style Squad Blogger: Kentucky Gent

It’s inevitable this time of year.

It just comes with the territory of wearing tank tops and short shorts when the weather starts to warm up, tan lines that it is. The funny thing about mine is that the width of my tank tops never seem to be the same, which leads to a nice array of tan lines on my shoulders. Something that I’m not typically concerned with, but with my beach trip getting closer and closer I’d rather not go sans my shirt on the beach and look like a zebra. I’ve got enough to worry about when it comes to go shirtless than to worry about silly tan lines after all. Thank God for Sun Tan City in moments of need like this! Their VersaSpa is perfect for evening out any and all tan lines while giving you a fresh sunless glow that will leave you ready to take on whatever may come your way! For those of you about to hit the road like me though you’re in luck as well. Designer Skin just released their new Faux Natural Sunless Spray to help keep that sunless glow lasting even when you’re not near a Sun Tan City location. The spray goes on clear, which means you’ll be able to see the color develop. We recommend waiting at least 4 hours before showering, but if you’re getting as dark as you need to be before that time is up feel free to hit the showers. Prep work before hitting the bottle? Gentle exfoliate the entire body to prep the skin for the spray. Once you’ve finished the exfoliation and have completely dried off hold the can 8-10 inches away from the skin and spray evenly over the entire body in a continuos motion. Be sure to wash hands after your application, paying the most attention to areas in between fingers and cuticle areas. It’s really that simple! Even when traveling for work or for run you’re always just a few minutes away from that perfect sunless glow thanks to Sun Tan City and Designer Skin.

Kentucky Gent Tan Lines

Kentucky Gent Tan Lines

Kentucky Gent Tan Lines

What I’m Wearing: Alternative Apparel Ringer Tank Top (similar here), Ralph Lauren Floral Shorts (c/o) Dillard’s, Zara Sandals (similar here and here)

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