At Sun Tan City, we offer incredibly advanced sun tanning equipment. The visually stunning exterior of these state-of-the-art sunbeds is just a glimpse of what lies inside, which is some of the most cutting-edge technology available in the sun tanning industry.


  • The newer and more advanced sunbeds are thoughtfully designed to make you feel warm and relaxed.
  • The actual surface of many of our sunbeds is designed with your body in mind, contouring to any shape for a more comfortable tanning experience.
  • Equipment is typically equipped with a fan or other cooling mechanism for your comfort.
  • Some of our sunbeds even come with auxiliary inputs to connect with your iPod or MP3 player for a playlist of personalized tunes while you unwind.
  • Finally, our sunbeds offer a soft and snug headrest, and some have the option of a unique face bronzer for a more natural facial color.


  • Our sunless tanning booths, also known as spray tan machines, offer the latest airbrush technology for more even, flawless application.
  • Our spray tan equipment includes open-air designs to let you breathe easily during your session.
  • Heated spray and booths provide a more comfortable setting.
  • Technological advances include LED touch screens in the booths.
  • More natural ingredients are used in our spray tan machines.
  • Numbered foot tiles eliminate confusion on how to stand in the spray tan equipment.


Our sunbeds are categorized into four different levels of intensity: Fast, Faster, Fastest and Instant. We also offer stand-up booths and premium spray tan machines. Find out more about our sunless tanning and sunbeds & booths.

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